Library Closed Monday

Mead Library will be closed on Monday, May 27, in observance of Memorial Day.

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Library History & Art

Artist restoring clock tower panels

Art & Architecture

Mead Public Library is home to a great collection of artwork. Pieces include paintings, murals, drawings, sculptures, and unique collectibles. Pieces were made possible by the generous support of local artists, foundations, and artist-in-residence programs. Explore our art collection online or visit in person—you can find art on all three floors of the library as well as the building grounds!

History of the Library

Mead Public Library was established in Sheboygan, WI in 1897 with a bequest from James H. Mead, a local banker. It opened in a building at 522 8th St. with Katherine Buchanan as the first librarian. At the turn of the century, Mayor F.A. Dennett wrote to Andrew Carnegie to ask for a new library building to better support the growing community, and the Carnegie library was completed in 1904. This building was expanded in 1941, and a new building opened in 1974 at its current location. The 1997 Centennial Building Project was a major renovation that added 20,000 square feet to the library and added areas for modern features and services. Throughout its history, Mead Library has grown alongside the community of Sheboygan to continue being a vital resource for the people who live here.

Mead portrait

The Year was 1897

Mead Library celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1997. The late E.R. Kunert, who was library director from 1962-1991, marked the occasion by writing a detailed history of the library’s founding and growth. You can read the abridged version on our website.

Black and white photo of old Mead Carnegie Library building

The Library from 1904-1974

For seventy years, the Mead Public Library’s home was a Carnegie Library building. Sheboygan County Landmarks, Ltd. printed information about this building in a 1974 brochure, the text of which you can read on our website.

Black and white photo of new MPL building entrance

1997 Centennial Building Project

The Centennial Building Project was a massive undertaking that gave the Mead Public Library additional spaces for books, technology, and people. Read about the project that made the library what it is today.

Tony Rajer wearing headgear while working on 1996 Cameron Murals restoration

1996 Murals Conservation Project

Mead Library is home to the Edgar Cameron murals, which were the first pictorial works of public art in Sheboygan County. Painted in 1909, they were initially installed at the Bank of Sheboygan. In 1996, they were restored and installed in the Quiet Study Room at Mead Library.