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Memory Caregiver Kits

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Mead Library offers Memory Caregiver Kits that are designed to help caregivers engage with people who are experiencing dementia.

The kits contain multiple activities that can build pride and purpose, strengthen relationships, nurture mind and body, provide reassurance and comfort, and hopefully bring joy and smiles to all.  

The kits are located on the second floor and are organized by topic and dementia stage in order to spark interest and meet the needs of each person. Kits may be checked out for 14 days and should be returned using the indoor book return.

Kits We Offer

Early Stage: These kits work towards a goal with a tangible outcome like a jigsaw puzzle–just the right amount of challenge but totally achievable.  

Early - Mid Stage:These kits are designed to help people focus on the individual steps of the activity, breaking it into manageable chunks. It’s about experience rather than the end result.  

Mid - Late Stage: Kits in this group focus on the experience of sensation from the activity and in helping people to move their body in relation to the sensations.

  • Kit #1: American Traditions (early - mid stage)
  • Kit #2: Road Trip (early - mid stage)
  • Kit #3 Animals (early - mid stage)
  • Kit #4: Flowers (early - mid stage)
  • Kit #5: Birds & More (mid stage)
  • Kit #6: Travel (mid stage)
  • Kit #7: Dogs & More (mid - late stage)
  • Kit #8: Cars & More (mid - late stage)
  • Kit #9: Cats & More (mid - late stage)
  • Kit #10: Home Life (mid - late stage)
  • Kit #11: Outdoor Fun (mid - late stage)

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The kits are made possible through a partnership with the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Sheboygan County.

(Dementia stage activity descriptions taken from


LiftPlayer Music Players

LiftPlayers are designed for people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia and come preloaded with music based on the user’s preferences. 

Caregivers should fill out a music player request form in advance for music setup. Forms are available at the first floor service desk.

The music players were funded by a Sheboygan County Aging and Disability Resource Center grant.

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photo of a LiftPlayer Music Player device