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Recommend a Purchase

Can't find what you're looking for? Mead welcomes your input. We can't promise that we will acquire the item, but our staff will evaluate all suggestions and consider budget, availability, space and the scope of our collection in making a decision.

Selectors give high priority to purchase requests from customers. All customer requests are subject to the same selection criteria as materials purchased by library staff.

Reasons for not purchasing items include obsolescence, lack of availability through mainstream publishers, narrow subject area, price and misinformation. The library determines where the item will be located in the collection.

Generally, if the item you are suggesting is of academic or specialized interest, or is more than two years old, using the statewide interlibrary loan service is a better option.

Please wait until a title has been published before making a suggestion using this form.

Please include any additional information that will help us find the right material. This could include the publisher name, an ISBN, a description, or other relevant information.