Arduino board

Arduino is a credit-card-sized, programmable microcontroller that can read sensors and will turn on lights, run motors, and more, based on the code you write.

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Car Engine Code Reader

car engine fault code reader promotional image

DIY auto mechanics can get quick access to diagnostic trouble codes. Easily determines the cause of the check engine light and much more.

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Energy Meter

Energy meter

Borrow an electricity meter and calculate the cost of electricity consumed by home appliances.

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External CD/DVD Drive

photo of external cd dvd drive

Bring home an external CD/DVD drive that's compatible with PCs and Macs.

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External Hard Drives

External hard drive

Bring home a portable hard drive for temporary storage of scanned photos, videos and other digital items.

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Home Recording Studio Kit

Photo of equipment featured in the home studio kit

Coupled with your own smart phone or computer, this kit provides everything you need to create a professional, web-ready, video. Comes with a ring light, webcam, selfie-stick/tripod, and lavalier microphone.

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Karaoke Machine

photo of a portable karaoke machine

Create a karaoke party at home with a portable karaoke machine; features 2 UHF wireless microphones, a bluetooth speaker and an LED Light.

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Makey Makey

Makey Makey board

Makey Makey is a device you can use to turn anything, like a banana, into a game controller or keyboard.

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Ozobot is a smart robot that can follow lines or roam around freely, detect colors, and can be programmed using visual codes. You can control them by drawing colored lines and codes on paper, or through the use of a computer or tablet.

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Sewing Machine

Sewing machine

Work on your small DIY mending and sewing projects without the fuss of owning, maintaining and storing your own sewing machine.

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