Library Materials Policy

  1. The Library will provide materials which help to fulfill its mission in the community.
  2. The Library will keep itself informed of other publicly available resources of books and materials in the area to avoid unnecessary duplication.
  3. While it is recognized that public libraries are not designed primarily to furnish reading required for academic study, it is also known that they have materials available for self-study which are useful also for academic study. Therefore, insofar as is consistent with applicable items above, the Library will attempt to furnish supplementary materials needed for formal courses of study offered by elementary and secondary schools and by institutions of higher learning. It will make no effort to acquire classroom texts as such.
  4. The Library subscribes to the Library Bill of Rights and The Freedom to Read as adopted by the American Library Association. These documents are included herein by reference. The Library considers the periodically issued extensions and interpretations of these statements along with the needs and expectations of City of Sheboygan residents when making decisions about Library collections and their management.
  5. Collection Development Policy