Internet Safety Policy

As a means of promoting effective use of the Internet-based resources at Mead Public Library, the staff makes a concerted effort to provide ready access to information about safe use of the Internet. In compliance with the Neighborhood Children’s Internet Protection Act (NCIPA), the
Library gives special attention to informing minor children and their parents about safe Internet practices designed to promote the confidentiality, privacy, and personal safety of minor children and to prevent, when reasonably possible, the exposure of minor children to materials harmful to minors and to materials the Library Board deems inappropriate for minors to access on the Internet, i.e. nudity of a sexual nature and sexual acts/text. In addition to safe Internet practices, the policy addresses illegal practices, such as hacking.

The Board has adopted an Internet Safety Policy that is subject to change from time to time without prior notice to the public. This Policy is maintained by the Director or designee, who assures that it is available to the public in printed and online versions.