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Inclusive Services Policy

Wisconsin public libraries are places where everyone should be safe, welcomed, and respected in experiences including, but not limited to:

  • Arrival at the building (transportation, physical accessibility, signage, hours of service, greetings by library staff)
  • Intersections with library policies (getting a library card, using a computer, paying a fine)
  • Perusal, use, and request of library materials (Wi-Fi access, collection diversity, individual privacy)
  • Participation in library-sponsored or library-located events (marketing of events, time and location, transportation, registration, room set-up, novice-friendly vs. designed for frequent users)
  • Interactions with library staff (body language, tone, diversity of library staff, proactive/reactive engagement)
  • Passive and virtual interactions through library signage, webpages, displays, and marketing (readability, tone, diversity, accommodations).

Full Text of the Inclusive Services Policy