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Heirloom Gardening with Christina

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Teen , Adult
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Allowed Ages: 16 and up

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Heirloom Gardening with Christina

An heirloom is generally considered something worth passing down. An heirloom seed, therefore, is seed from a plant that has been passed from one generation to another, carefully grown and saved because it is considered valuable. The value could lie in its flavor, productivity, hardiness, color, or adaptability.

In the last century, 94% of our seed varieties have disappeared due to the focus of biotech chemical companies, grocery stores, big agriculture, and the food industry on a handful of mass-produced varieties. By exposing the educating participants to rare plants and heirlooms, we can preserve diversity and defend the future of food, plants, and nature. Without seed diversity, crop diseases rise and famines happen. Mono-gardening is also terrible for the environment and it disturbs the ecological balance. Heirlooms are diverse, hardy, disease resistant, attract wildlife and pollinators, have rich flavor, and high level of antioxidants and nutrients.

This class will dive deep into heirloom gardening. Participants will learn about different kinds of heirloom plants (focusing on vegetables and herbs), where to find the seeds, and how to plant for success.  materials provided