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WIZARD ACADEMY ONLINE - Care of Magical Creatures

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There are no more spaces available for this event.
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Join Dare to Dream Theatre to Summon the Magic of STEAM with this 6-session program online!  Participants will explore STEAM topics such as potions (chemistry), Charms & Spells (creative writing), Transfiguration (Arts), and Muggle Studies (Engineering).  Weekly House Point Challenges will encourage participants to remain engaged between sessions as they explore key elements of literacy and drama by taking on roles in the narrative and solving a challenge together.   Participation is FREE to youth in grades 1-6, but registration is requested since space is limited.   Please register for each session individually to reserve that week's free Wizard Academy Supply Kit (sign-up for all 6 sessions is encouraged, but not required).   

November 14th - Session 2: Care of Magical Creatures  Students will learn about some of the more familiar magical creatures. Students will also practice transfiguration by using Transfiguration dough to create their own Magical Creature.

November 21 - Session 3: Herbology  Students will learn about the "magical" qualities of some familiar plants while making and transplanting an edible Mandrake.

November 28  -Session 4:  Muggle Magic  Students will explore the science behind the levitation spell while experimenting with magnets and currents.

December 5 - Session 5: Potions Students will explore polymers, oobleck, and color changing magic while creating  a magical potion.

December 12  -Session 6: Yule Ball Students will celebrate the season by making wizard sweets and treats and participating in holiday festivities.

This project is supported in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.