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Ukulele Questions & Answer Night with Lil' Rev ONLINE!

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Program Type: Music, Workshop

Join us Mondays in August for live-streamed ukulele classes brought to you by Lil' Rev and Mead Library. Classes will meet from 6:30-7:30pm unless otherwise noted and can be found on the Mead Facebook page by clicking HERE. Check out the entire list of classes below! 

Ukulele Question & Answer Night with Lil' Rev: Bring your ukulele questions about strings, setup, specs, different ukulele sizes, playing techniques, practice tips, festivals, online resources, almost anything you can think of. Lil’ Rev will play a variety of ukuleles and demo 4 different styles as you post questions to the thread. Open to all levels. No handouts for this class. 

August 6th: Sliding & Slurring Your Chords
August 10th: Learn The Three String Tremolo Technique
August 17th: 8 Bar Blues Night
August 24th: Surf Songs Night; 6:30-8pm
August 31st: Ukulele Question & Answer Night with Lil’ Rev

Lil' Rev was born and bred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with dual passions for music and education.   After college he taught music to grade schoolers at the Milwaukee Jewish Day School and served as an adjunct music historian and lecturer at The University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.  After many years of performing in the Midwest, Lil' Rev left his teaching jobs behind to pursue his musical dreams full-time.  Since then, he has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, visited every state in the Union (except Alaska and Hawaii), wrote almost a dozen instructional books, recorded over a dozen albums and taught thousands of students ukulele and harmonica.