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Water Tower Accident - Sheboygan

Answer: Old standpipe fell over on January 15, 1912.
Source: The Sheboygan Press, January 16, 1912

Weather, Current - Sheboygan

Source: Mead Public Library Information File

Weather Records - Sheboygan

Answer: Lowest temperature: January 17, 1982 & January 20, 1985 - 26 Degrees F below zero.
Highest Temperature: July 13, 1995 - 108 degrees.
Source: The Sheboygan Press, January 18, 1982, January 19, 1994 & July 14, 1995.

Weather - Sheboygan - Miscellaneous

Answer: Average date for the first 32 degree freeze in this area is October 19th.

West Nile Virus Hotline

Answer: 1-800-433-1610
Note: "The Wisconsin Division of Public Health has opened its West Nile virus hotline for reporting dead or dying crows, blue jays or ravens - a step the state hopes will help it combat a virus that can be deadly to humans. West Nile, which is transmitted most often by a mosquito bite, usually is fatal to birds, so the presence of dead birds often is a sign the virus is present in an area."
Source: The Sheboygan Press, May 16, 2003, p. A3.

WI-FI in Sheboygan

Mead Public Library free
during library hours

Applebees free
526 S. Taylor Drive

McDonald's $3/month
3418 Kohler Memorial Drive
2307 North Avenue
2425 S. Business Drive

Z-Spot free
1024 Indiana Avenue

Funky Bean free
3422 Mill Road

Paradigm Coffeehouse free
1202 N. 8th St.

UW Sheboygan Library free
UW Campus
Available M-F 8 - 9, Sunday 5 - 9

Weather Center Cafe free
809 Riverfront Drive

Telephone contacts March 31, 2008

Works Progress Administration Projects in Sheboygan (WPA)

Answer: Schomer Lichtner, who died on May 9, 2006 at the age of 101, and his late wife, Ruth Grotenrath, both well-known Wisconsin artists, began their careers as muralists for WPA projects, primarily post offices. Schomer Lichtner's five-panel mural in the Sheboygan Post Office is considered to be one of his most notable works for the WPA. It was completed in 1939.

Roland Schomberg, former County Clerk, states that another project involved repairing books in the Register of Deeds office in the Court House. Another Court House project was the creation of a card file on elected officials (a card file telling who held what office for how long, etc.)

Source: Mead Public Library Information File and Museum of Wisconsin Art

World War I - Sheboygan

Question: Who are the men from Sheboygan who served in World War I?
Answer: The Sheboygan Press, July 17 & 21, 1917; The Sheboygan Press, November 19, 1917
Source: Mead Public Library Information File