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Plaza Renovation Project



There are some exciting changes coming to the Mead Public Library Plaza! 

This spring the City of Sheboygan will begin a project to create more greenspace - and less concrete - throughout the library block, along with more pedestrian-friendly access points.

While the clocktower will be coming down, the vertical cast brass relief sculptures on each of the tower's four sides will be placed outside the library, facing Eighth Street, for better visibility. Repairs will also be made to the Lawrence Halprin-designed water feature.

Here are the latest updates from the Department of Public Works:

July 2

The project is now projected to wrap up by mid-August, though the exact timing (as always) depends on the weather.

June 27

Please be aware of changes to the Mead Public Library entrance and book-drop during the ongoing plaza reconstruction project. Book-drop traffic is now being routed through the library parking lot. Drivers should follow the signs to access the outdoor book-drop bins.

Please note that the entry to the book-drop-only lane off Wisconsin Avenue is now closed. Meanwhile, pedestrian access is still limited to the west side of the building. Please follow the signs to access the library entrance.


June 27

Check out the sculptures!


June 4

Construction continues on the library plaza. Towers are now going up along 8th Street, which will hold the brass sculptures from the clock tower.


April 17

The construction zone is now fenced off and the library is now only accessible from the west side of the building.



April 10

Works begins today to repair the south wall of the water feature. Crews will also begin removing the sculptures from the clock tower.


April 8

Renovation is slated to begin today! Access to the Library will remain unchanged, utilizing the North entrance doors off of Wisconsin Avenue. Patrons are advised to be aware of construction equipment, materials and safety fencing. The book drop-off zone will remain in service until further notice. Updates will be released as the project progresses.


April 8

Here's a current view of the Mead Public Library Plaza, which will have more grass and trees following the upcoming renovation project.