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Our Mission, Vision, Values & Goals


Our Mission:  What we do

We connect people with ideas, resources and technology to educate, entertain and empower.

Our Vision: Where we are headed

We aspire to create a vibrant, informed and cohesive community.

Our Values: What we believe

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and deliver exceptional experiences.

We welcome and serve everyone.

We embrace Mead’s role as a community leader and empower staff to adapt to emerging needs.

We provide resources and experiences that cultivate curiosity, discovery and lifelong learning.

Our Goals: How we get there

Lifelong Education 

  • We provide public education for all that is social, interest-driven, experiential and timely so that individuals can learn, grow and make a difference in their community.
  • Foster a culture of reading for all ages
  • Promote financial, civic, information, health, and digital literacy
  • Partner with educators to ensure student success
  • Provide opportunities for social and cultural enrichment 

Community Hub

  • We see the library as a community hub that connects people and offers a safe and welcoming place to relax, socialize and pursue personal enrichment
  • Create safe, welcoming and vibrant spaces
  • Engage under-served audiences and reflect the diversity of our community
  • Support positive community conversations and civic engagement
  • Develop easily accessible places for people to meet, study and learn


  • We act as a catalyst for community enhancement and a key partner in efforts that improve quality of life.
  • Increase staff engagement in the community 
  • Embrace innovation and risk-taking
  • Serve as a key partner and advocate for literacy and critical community issues
  • Collaborate with businesses, nonprofits, educators and other community partners