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Library eBooks for Nook (B & W Screen)

From a PC, go to the library’s OverDrive site.

We first need to download the software necessary to transfer the e-book to your device. Click on “Help.” Click “Applications,” and then click on “Adobe Digital Editions.” Follow prompts to download Adobe Digital Editions (you only have to do this once). When process says “Completed,” click on “Close.” The Adobe Digital Editions screen will appear. Minimize this screen and resume working with Wisconsin’s Digital Library.

Sign in. You will be asked to select your library (Monarch Library System), and then to enter your library card number and your PIN. (Usually the last 4 digits of your phone number.)

Search for an e-book. You may want to click on the link for “Available Now” to narrow options to books currently available to be checked out. E-Pub and PDF formats will work with your device. (Hint: You can tell a book is currently available when the book icon in the upper-right corner of the book cover is black If the book icon is gray, this means that the book is not currently available and must be placed on hold).

Once you find a title you want to check out, click on the book’s cover. The default is set to let you check out the book for 7 days. If you would like it for 14 or 21 days click on “Change” below the Borrow link. Select how long you would like the book to be checked out and click “Done.”

Go back to the Bookshelf and click “Borrow.” Click “Download” and select “EPUB eBook”. Touch “Confirm & Download”. Select “Open.” Select “Allow,” if asked. (If your device is not authorized with your Adobe ID, you may receive a message asking to authorize your device with the Adobe ID. If you do not have an ID click on “Create an account” and enter the necessary information.) Adobe Digital Editions will open and when you select “Library” in the upper left corner of the window, you will see the book that you just checked out! 

Now, plug the NOOK into the USB port on your computer. A box will appear asking you to authorize device. (You only have to do this once.) Follow the prompts to authorize your device. Your NOOK will now be listed on the left side of the screen as NOOK or Media.Click on the book title and drag and drop onto the word “NOOK” or “Media.” The book has now been downloaded to your device.

On the lower right of the computer screen, click on the icon to “Safely Remove Hardware”. Choose

“Eject NOOK”. You may now unplug your device from the computer and enjoy reading on your NOOK.

Returning a Book using Overdrive and Nook

1. Return the book through Adobe Digital Editions

Double-click on the Adobe Digital Editions icon on your desktop.

Make sure that you are in Library View.

Find title that you want to return. Right-click on the book and select “Return.”

You can now close the Adobe Digital Editions screen.

2. To Delete the borrowed book from your NOOK

Plug Nook into your computer

Choose “Open folder to view files”

Click on “Digital Editions”

Right-click on book title and select “Delete”

At bottom of screen, click icon to “Safely Remove Hardware.”