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Library eBooks for Kindle (B & W Screen)

Checking out and Downloading

From a PC, go to the library’s OverDrive site.

Sign in- In the upper right section of the screen click on “Sign In.” You will be asked to select your library (Monarch Library System), and then to enter your library card number and your PIN (usually the last 4 of your telephone number). 

Search for an e-book.

Search Tips: Unless you want to browse the entire collection, it is best to use the “advanced search” function. Click on "Search" and then “Advanced Search,” and narrow the format to Kindle Book and by selecting “Available Now.” You can also narrow further with the “Added to Site” to see the latest e-books that have been added.

Once you find a title you want to check out, click on the picture of the book. The default is set to let you check out the book for 7 days. If you would like it for 14 or 21 days click on the down arrow next to Borrow. Select how long you would like the book to be checked out.

Click “Borrow.” Click “Download” and select “Kindle Book.” Click “Confirm & Download” and you will be sent to the Amazon site to finish the download process. Click on “Get Library Book.” You must be logged on to your Amazon account – you will be prompted to log on if you are not. You may be prompted to choose which device you want to send the book to. Choose the appropriate device and click “Continue.”

If your device has the Wi-Fi turned on, your title will immediately load onto your Kindle - otherwise the next time you connect to Wi-Fi and click on “Sync and Check for Items,” the title will load onto your device.

If No Wi-Fi Access Available

If you do not have Wi-Fi access available, you can use a USB cable connection from your Kindle to your PC to download to the Kindle. After checking out a title from OverDrive and Amazon, connect the cable, go to Manage Your Kindle in Amazon and click on the “Actions” button next to the title you want to download and choose “Download & Transfer via USB.” Click on “Download.” Save and download to PC. At the PC drag and drop title file from PC to the Kindle document folder. Safely remove the Kindle, press the Menu button on the Kindle and click on “Sync and Check for Items” and the title will transfer to the Kindle.

Changing from a 3G to a Wi-Fi Connection OR connecting to a new Wi-Fi

You cannot use 3G to download library Kindle books so you need to connect your Kindle to Wi-Fi. (If your Kindle is on 3G this will display in the upper right hand corner of the device.)

On the Kindle, press the Home button and press the Menu button and choose “Settings.” Scroll down to “Wi-Fi Settings” and click on “View.”

The Wi-Fi connections that are available will display so that you can choose one. When the Wi-Fi connection is made “Wi-Fi” will display in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Returning a Title Early

Log into Amazon

Go to “Manage Your Content and Devices”

Next to each title you have borrowed is an “Actions” pull-down menu

Select “Return This Book”

The title has been returned. To fully delete the title from your Amazon account you must once again click on “Actions” in the pull-down menu and select “Delete.”

You will need to delete it from your device (at Home, scroll to the title you want to remove and click to the left of the title. A pull-down menu displays, click on “Remove from Device.”)

Emails from Amazon

Amazon will send emails when a title is near to expiring and when it has expired. The emails say that the title can be checked out again from the library or purchased from Amazon.

Using the Kindle’s Experimental Browser

(Note: This requires the Kindle to first be connected to a WiFi Internet connection)

To complete the library e-book checkout process using the Kindles built-in Web Browser, you must first disable the Javascript. To do this, open the Kindle Web Browser by pressing “Home,” then “Menu,” then highlight and select “Experimental.”

Next, highlight and select “Launch Browser.”

Press “Menu.” Select “Browser Settings,” and then select “Disable Javascript.”

Now you will be able to search for, check out, and deliver library e-books through your Kindle Web Browser!