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Freegal Music

Online Music Service for Mead Cardholders

Download music for free, and keep it forever.

Mead Library cardholders now have free access online to over 9 million songs by thousands of artists through the Freegal Music Service. Registered Mead Library cardholders can download three Freegal Music songs in MP3 format each week and also may stream up to five hours of ad-free music per day. Access Freegal here and log in with your card number and PIN.

  • You have three downloads per week.

  • One music video uses two of your weekly download allocations.

  • Stream for maximum of five hours per day.

  • The downloads are all in the MP3 format with no DRM, and videos are in the MP4 format with no DRM.

 Download to computer

  • Click on Freegal link.

  • Click on Login on top right corner.

  • Enter your full library card number and pin and click Login.

Note: First time users will have to accept terms and conditions and will be shown information on how to stream.

  • Browse selection and click on Stream Now box in middle of track image to preview or start streaming song.

  • Click on download icon to download to your computer. (Note: once you agree to download you have used one of your downloads, and you cannot cancel)

  • On download pop up click up dropdown next to Save and Save As to Desktop (recommended)

  • When download has completed, click on Open, should play automatically.

  • At this point the file can be transferred to iTunes or other media manager by Import or Click and Drag function.

 Use Freegal on your mobile device

  • Download the Freegal  app via iTunes or Google Play Store, or Amazon App Store.  

  • Open Freegal app and enter your zip code.

  • Scroll down and locate Mead Public Library.

  • Enter your full Library card number and pin and touch Go.

  • Agree to terms & conditions if required.

  • Browse and download by touching black & white down arrow.

How to stream

On personal computer:

  • Click on Freegal link.

  • Click on Login on top right corner.

  • Enter your full library card number and pin and click Login.

  • First time users of Freegal 4.0 will see a pop-up screen entitled “Streaming 1-2-3” that will walk you through the basics of streaming.  

  • Counters are in the upper right corner and will keep you informed of your usage.

  • Click on selected song's cover.

  • Click on blue arrow to stream song.

  • To stream album, select album and click on its cover. Click on blue arrow of first song and whole album will stream.

Via app on mobile device:

  • Touch on song title you want to stream.

  • Touch on blue arrow to stream song.

  • Touch on blue Stream Album button to stream whole album.

Transfer downloads from iOS device into your computer

  • Attach your device to computer.

  • Open up iTunes and you will see an area titled "devices" on the left hand side.

  • Click on the device you desire to take music off of. At the top of the screen you will have options like "summary, info, apps, music, movies, etc." Select "Apps." From there, scroll down and select the Freegal app.

  • View the file that contains the music downloaded from the app.

  • Take that file and simply drag it to your desktop background. This will save the music to your desktop.

  • Now that the music is in your desktop, you can move this music into your iTunes through dragging and dropping individual songs into iTunes.

Transfer downloads from Android device onto your computer

  • Attach your device to your computer.

  • Choose to browse internal storage.

  • Open the folder called Freegal Music.

  • Inside this folder you should see another folder with your patron card number. This folder contains all of your Freegal downloads.

  • Drag the folder to your computer desktop and the files should copy over.

  • You can then move the files to your music or video library to save them.

For more help visit the FAQ section on the Freegal website.