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Gift Policy

Mead Public Library (the “Library”) is pleased to accept gifts and donations. Gifts and donations may be accepted by the Director, a member of the administrative staff, or the Library Board, provided that they are in accord with the criteria set forth in this policy.

Books and other Periodical Materials:

A. The Library has the right to determine suitability for inclusion of gifts and donations, and is not obligated to accept or retain any gifts or donations.

B. Suggestions for specific donations of materials are welcomed by the Library but the final decision, based on Library holdings and the Library mission, rests with the Library.

C. If a gift or donation is received which, after appropriate evaluation, cannot be used by the Library in its collections, one of the following options will apply:

a. Gifts and donations not added to library collections may be given to the Friends of Mead Public Library for their used book sales, proceeds of which are used by the Friends to support the Library.

b. Gifts and donations not added to Library collections may be offered to other educational or social service institutions..

c. Gifts and donations not added to Library collections may be disposed of by sale, or in any other manner deemed appropriate by the Board.

Monetary Gifts and Gifts of Securities:

A. The Library gratefully accepts gifts, donations, endowments, bequests, and trusts.

B. The Library shall attempt to use a given monetary gift according to the wishes of the donor, so long as the Library can reasonably use the gift for the donor’s specified purpose.

C. Any monetary gift amounting to One Hundred Dollars ($100) or more and for which a donor has not specified a purpose or restriction shall be transferred to the Mead Public Library Foundation.

D. Marketable securities may be transferred electronically to an account maintained at a brokerage firm specified by Mead Public Library. All marketable securities will be sold unless otherwise directed by the Finance Committee of Mead Public Library, which shall consider whether unusual circumstances dictate retention of the securities for a longer period.

E. Financial gifts to the Library should be viewed as an addition or supplement to, not a reduction of, the operating budget of the Library.

Art and Other Objects or Collections

A. Proposed gifts of items of unusual monetary or artistic value will be referred to the Library Director. The Library Director will be responsible for an initial determination as to whether acceptance of the gift(s) is in the best interest of the Library. 

B. Although collection and display of art work and collections is not the Library’s purpose, it may from time to time accept such work if it (a) enhances the appearing of the interior or exterior of the building, (b) records an aspect of the Library or the community, or (c) commemorates the contribution of individuals to the Library.

C. The Library Directors may defer the proposal to the Library Board for determination, especially in cases where the gifts are given with unusual restrictions or designations, or where the gift has storage, display, or insurance ramifications. 

D. The President of the Library Board shall establish a Gift Review Committee, as needed on an ad hoc basis, to recommend whether or not the Library should accept proposed gifts. The Gift Review Committee may consider each gift according to its intended use, restrictions, liabilities and financial impact on the Library, now and in the future.

E. The Library will not appraise donations for purposes of income tax deductions. Such appraisals are the responsibility of the donor. The Library will not assume any legal responsibility if an acknowledgment letter of a donation is used for tax or other purpose.