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Managing Your Account


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Checking your account online

Mead Public Library offers many tools to help you manage your account online. Go to the Monarch Catalog, then enter your library card number and password/PIN (usually the last four digits of the telephone number you gave when you registered for your card), and follow the instructions on the screen. After you are logged in, you may choose to change your PIN.


You can renew all library materials, except for items in the "popular picks" category, before the 5-day grace period elapses, as long as no one else has placed a request on the item. Materials may be renewed two times for one additional loan period each time figured from the date the renewal is made. You may renew materials at the Customer Service desk, by phone or by using the online Monarch Catalog. To renew by phone, call 459-3400 ext 3401. Have your library card number available, please.

Requests for library materials

You may request an item through Monarch, the online catalog that Mead shares with other libraries in the Monarch Library System. After you find the item you would like to request, click on the "Place Request" button at the bottom of the entry. We will notify you by telephone or e-mail when it is available for pickup.

Canceling a request or held item

You may cancel an active request by using the “request” button in your patron account file, then selecting and then clicking on the "cancel" button. You also may cancel a held item in person or by phone (459-3400, ext. 3401).  If your item is ready for pickup, it may only be canceled in person or by phone. There is a 50¢ charge for items that are held and not canceled or picked up by the expiration date. Requested items are held for you for approximately seven days.

For more details about your requested item, click on the "i" icon in front of the title. 

Suspending/reactivating a request

If you will be away or unable to pick up library materials for a period of time, you may suspend some or all of your requests. When you reactivate a request, it will return to the same position on the waiting list as before.

Suspension of your requests also is a valuable tool to managing your account when you have many items on request at one time. Perhaps you don’t want five books at once. Or maybe the number of items ready for pickup will exceed checkout limits. (You can predict these circumstances by looking at the number of your requests that are first in the hold position.)

You may choose to suspend certain items to control the number of items you are asked to pick up at one time. Remember, when you reactivate your requests, you will return to the same position on the waiting list.

To suspend requests, check the box in front of the item (or items) you with to suspend and click the "suspend/reactivate" box. You must enter a date on which you want the suspension to end. Enter the current date to reactivate the request.

Checking your account in person, in the library

You can check your account whenever you visit the library. Present your card or other identification to any staff member in Customer Service and she or he will check your account for charges, lost materials, late materials, items checked out, due dates, renewals, and reserves you have made. You can receive a printout of the information if you'd like. You also may get a replacement card or update account information at the Customer Service Desk. 

Checking your account by phone

You can check your account by calling 459-3400, ext 3401, during hours the library is open. Have your library card number available! No information will be provided for your or any other account unless you know the library card number. By phone you can receive information about charges, lost materials, late materials, items checked out, due dates, renewals, and reserves you have made.