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Much to Do About Seeds with Ray Rogers

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Program Type: Lecture
Age: Adult, Teen
Allowed Ages: 14 and older.
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Chase away the winter blues and welcome the greens of spring during Mead Library's annual WinterGreen festival.

A lifelong gardener, Ray Rogers held a trowel before he learned to walk and his passion for plants has inspired Ray throughout his career. His diverse background encompasses a variety of horticulture-related positions, including several at public gardens as well as gardening editor, author, speaker, and most recently instructor. To say that Ray is enthusiastic about plants is an understatement.

Join Ray Rogers on this visually exciting journey as he explains the essential botany and vocabulary that form the basis for understanding seeds, fruits, and seed-related gardening practices. Along the way, engaging stories and gorgeous photos present the fascinating diversity of seeds and fruits and the prominent roles they play in Nature and gardening.