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Overdrive created a new app called Libby that has many requested features that are not available in the old Overdrive app.  

Getting Started

1. Go to the app store on your device and download the Libby, by OverDrive app.

2. Open the Libby app. Click “Hi” and then “Find My Library.” Libby will search for libraries near you. If the search result is Wisconsin Public Library Consortium, click “yes.” If not, click “no” and use your Zip Code to find your library.

3. Choose “add your card” on the right. Select Monarch Library System from the drop down list and enter your card number and pin number (usually the last 4 digits of your phone number.) You can add multiple cards using the same method. Choose “change name” under each card to personalize each card name.


Searching and Checkout

1. Search for a title you want to check out using the search bar at the top. Click “more” to get an advanced search or scroll down to browse popular collections.

2. To limit search results, choose “refine” on the right side. If you’d like, choose “hide unavailable titles” to see only items that can be checked out immediately.

3. On the bottom right of each title, you will have the option to borrow (if available) or place a hold (if unavailable).

4. Choose “borrow” to check out a title. The default is set to check out the book for 7 days. If you want a longer check out period click on the days above the title of the books. Confirm by clicking “borrow” again on the next page. The borrowed title is now located on your “shelf.” Once borrowed, choose either “keep browsing” or “go to shelf.”

5. On your shelf, tap the cover of the book to see all available options. From here you can open, renew or return a book. If you prefer to read on a Kindle, choose “send to device” and follow the prompts.

6. Toggle between the Library (where you search for titles to check out), your most recently opened book and your Shelf (the titles you currently have checked out) using the circle and words on the bottom of the screen.

Additional Features

• From your “shelf” you can view your holds and activity (a timeline of all items you’ve downloaded) by tapping the words on the top left of the screen.

• Add items to a personalized list by choosing “tag” on a book’s detail page. Choose + to create a personalized tag/list name. View all items with this tag by choosing “Tags” on your Shelf page.

• Tap the three lines at the top right of the screen to access additional features and settings. From here you can change library systems, manage your library cards and adjust settings regarding holds and downloads. There is also a Tips and Secrets section filled with lots of useful information!

For more help visit Overdrive Help.