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Li-BREWERY Trivia Takeover

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Age: Adult

After a prolonged hiatus we are thrilled to be back hosting trivia first Mondays at Sheboygan's fabulous 8th Street Ale Haus.

Here are the rules: Teams of six or fewer will compete to answer 3 rounds of ten questions each. Smartphones are not allowed. Each round will have a general theme such as "Conspiracy Theories", "Guinness Book of World Records", or "Literature". Pretty standard stuff, right? Wrong! One of the thirty questions will be ESPECIALLY difficult. The answer to this difficult question can be accessed at any time leading up to trivia night by going to the Mead Public Library and checking something out. Let the staff on desk know you need the answer. Once you have it, all you need to do is match it to the correct question at Li-BREWERY Trivia Takeover!

First place is a $20 8th Street Ale Haus gift certificate and the right to lord it over everybody for a week. Second place is a six pack of delicious beer. 

Another thing distinguishing Li-Brewery Trivia Takeover at 8th Street Ale Haus is that 5% of all sales during trivia will go to the Mead Public Library Foundation. Everyone wins! Trivia! Beer! Cheese curds! Libraries!