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Late @ the Library: A Night Full of Stars

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Age: Adult

The evening will begin at 6pm in the Rocca Room with Brian Ewenson of Spaceport Sheboygan speaking about "The Space Race".  This wiil be followed by an Astronomy presentation by Randy Griffin of the Sheboygan Astronomical Society at 7:15pm.  All other activities will begin at 7pm and will include Nebula Pendant and Magnet making, Galaxy Rock Painting, Rockets and Robots with Étude's Maker Break and more! 8th Street Ale Haus will be providing a cash bar.  Open to adults 21+.

At 9pm, head over to Maywood for a stargazing finale with the Sheboygan Astronomical Society.

The Space Race
A young President challenged the nation to landing a man on the Moon within a decade, with only fifteen minutes of suborbital spaceflight experience. Fifty years ago Americans landed on the Moon, fulfilling the President's goal before 1970. Follow the race to the Moon, within the scope of the Cold War, and gaining the high ground of space for all mankind.