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Late @ the Library: Murder Mystery Escape

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Age: Adult
Allowed Ages: 18 and older.
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October 19, 1984

So it has come to this. After years of public funding cuts, Burlington Library is relying on an auction to supplement its budget for the new fiscal year. The books on the block are rare books from a peculiar wing of the library. Many residents of Burlington didn’t even realize the local library had an occult section. Some did though, and now they’re dying to get ahold of it!

Preregister for your character, don your best '80s attire, and help solve this creepy caper with escape room puzzles created by Mike Q. Hanlon!  Cash bar will be provided by Craft 30.

  • The Librarians -  The humble staff of the Burlington Library.  They’re just trying to keep lights on and doors open.   Then again, maybe they don’t actually want the books to go.
  • The Book Dealers - A collective of bibliophiles who specialize in rare and old books.  Are their pockets deep enough to get what they want, or do they have other plans for acquisition?
  • The Cleaning Crew - The cleaning crew has put in the hours to make the library look great tonight.  Is there a reason they’re still hanging around this late?
  • The Security Team - Burlington Library doesn’t normally staff a full security team, but tonight is a special event.  How could tragedy possibly strike under their watchful eyes?
  • The Historians - The experts of the local historical society could surely trace the provenance of each item up for auction tonight.  What do they know that they aren’t telling others?
  • The Donors - The auction wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of several local business people.  If only they could have donated enough funding to keep the library open without the auction.
  • The Caterers - It’s nice to have a bite to eat while perusing the wares tonight.  However it seems odd, and unprofessional, for the servers to be more focused on books than food.
  • The Estate - Unexpectedly, the descendants of one of the book’s authors have arrived at the auction as well.  Are they here to spectate, to bid, or to reclaim what is theirs?

In the Special Notes box below, please tell us your first, second and third character choices.  There will be no lines to memorize, just a character type to behave and dress as while you solve the mystery.  Like characters will solve the mystery on the same team.