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Laptop Computer Guidelines

Mead Public Library provides Windows and Chromebook laptop computers for loan (as available) to customers with a valid Mead Public Library Card or a Library Card from any other library in the Monarch Library System. These computers are configured to connect to the Library’s wireless network.

Laptop computer users are expected to be self-directed in their use of a laptop computer. It is assumed that they are familiar with the Windows platform and with the MS Office suite and/or Google Chrome OS and Google suite of applications. Manuals are available for consultation at the second-floor Help Desk. Hardware problems should be directed to the Help Desk staff there. 


  1. Laptops may only be used within the Mead Public Library.
  2. Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. Laptop borrowers must:
    • Sign a Laptop Liability Agreement Form in which they acknowledge responsibilities for equipment checked out to them. 
    • Show a valid Library Card from Mead Public Library or another ESLS Library and a photo ID. These items will be retained until the laptop is returned.
    • Complete and sign a Laptop Liability Agreement for the laptop with a Library staff member every time a laptop is checked out.
  4. Each borrower may check out only one laptop at a time.
  5. Checkout begins when the Library opens each day and ends one hour before the Library’s closing time.
  6. Checkout is for a 4-hour period (or mandatory return time prior to Library closing).


  1. Laptops may not be renewed if there is an active waiting list.
  2. If there is no active waiting list, a laptop may be renewed within 15 minutes of when it is due.
  3. In order to renew a laptop, the borrower must come to the Help Desk.
  4. If there is a waiting list the borrower must return the laptop. Once borrowers have returned the laptop issued to them, they may add their name to the waiting list. Borrowers cannot add their name to the waiting list while they are in possession of a laptop.


  1. All laptops must be returned to the Help Desk 15 minutes prior to closing, to ensure adequate time for the Library staff to check equipment and accessories.
  2. Laptops must be returned directly to the Library staff member at the Help Desk. They are not to be left at the Help Desk if a staff member is not present.
  3. The borrower must remain at the Help Desk until all equipment has been checked to make sure that all pieces are accounted for and that no damage has occurred.

Borrower Responsibilities

  1. Laptops should never be left unattended!
  2. Borrowers are responsible for complying with all Library Acceptable Use Guidelines for Internet Use, Internet Safety Policy, and Code of Conduct.
  3. Borrowers are responsible for the replacement costs of the laptop and accessories issued to them if lost, stolen, or damaged. Borrowers are responsible for assuring that no damage occurs due to laptop contact with food or beverages.
  4. Borrowers may not tamper with the laptop hardware or software.
  5. No personal software or programs may be loaded onto the laptops.
  6. The laptops must be plugged into a power source for use.

Liability and Fees

  1. Laptop borrowers are responsible for:
    • Full replacement cost, plus a $10.00 non-refundable processing fee, if the laptop, any parts, or any peripherals are lost, stolen or otherwise not returned.
    • Full repair cost, plus a $10.00 non-fundable processing fee, if the laptop or peripherals are damaged.
  2. Late return fees are $5.00 per hour. 
  3. Any laptop not returned by the Library’s closing time will be considered missing and the borrower will be liable for full replacement costs.
  4. If any technical problems are encountered, borrowers are to immediately report the problem(s)to staff at the Help Desk.
  5. If borrowers are late in returning laptops, their laptop privileges may be suspended.

Failure to comply with laptop guidelines may result in termination of all laptop privileges. Policies and procedures are subject to change without further notice, although the latest version of this policy is available online at this Library and upon request from the Help Desk staff.