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Lake Michigan Day: The Water Poems

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Lake Michigan Day is a time set aside to celebrate and contemplate our connection to Lake Michigan’s water. Each Lake Michigan Day, residents who live, work, play, and worship around the lake organize events in their communities or take action in their homes, at their places of employment or in community groups to help protect the treasure that is Lake Michigan.  Local poets Sylvia Cavanaugh, Nancy Durdin, Dawn Hogue, Maryann Hurtt, Georgia Ressmeyer and Marilyn Zelke Windau will read from their poetry collection "The Water Poems" to celebrate the lake.  Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership, Friends of North Point, Friends of Peace Park and The Sheboygan River Basin Partnership will also offer short presentations to give opportunities to contemplate our relationship with the lake.  Join us - all are welcome! 

"The Water Poems" - A collection of 72 poems by six Sheboygan, Wisconsin area poets that honors the power and elemental nature of water in all its forms, from the natural rush of a river to the human tear. Beautiful, elegiac, contemplative, lyrical.