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Intro to Tai Chi with Jon Doll and Jane Lang

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Program Type: Workshop
Age: Adult, Teen
Allowed Ages: 11 and older.
Registration for this event has closed.

Chase away the winter blues and welcome the greens of spring during Mead Library's annual WinterGreen festival.

Begin your WinterGreen morning with Tai Chi led by Jon Doll and Jane Lang over Zoom.  Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art practiced for defense training, health benefits, and meditation.

Are you new to Tai Chi?  These links will help you get started.

*Registration is limited.  You will be emailed the Zoom link on March 19, the day before WinterGreen.


Jon Doll has studied and practiced martial arts, mindfulness meditation, and yoga for nearly fifty years. He began with training in transcendental meditation (TM) at the University of Washington in Seattle whilst in college and later studied Vipassana meditation with the Seattle Insight Meditation Society.    His training in yoga commenced in Logan, Utah in 1981 and has continued to this day. Jon began studying martial arts (Korean karate) in Portland, Oregon in 1974 and trained in Shaolin Kung Fu in Seattle in 1997 where he received his first black belt in 2006 - in Moh Pai Kempo and Pai Huh Shih (White Tiger style). Since then, Jon has taught extensively and has added two additional black belts. He currently works as an instructor at the YMCA in Sheboygan and as part of the Club 55 offerings at Kohler Village Hall.

Jane Lang has practiced yoga, mindfulness meditation, tai chi, and modern dance since her college days at Manhattan Marymount College in New York City. She currently assists Jon at the YMCA and Kohler Village and holds a  green belt in Shaolin Kung Fu.