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Interested in Running for Sheboygan County Board? Q&A

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A few citizens hoping to encourage citizen engagement in running for local offices, specific to County Board, in April. Fay is on the Sheb. County Board. This will be an informal Q&A. We are encouraging citizens to run for office on the Sheboygan County Board. There are several county board positions that will be open on the April 2018 ballet. A number of current board supervisors are not running for office and will not be on the April ballet. Although we encourage everyone to run, there is an urgent need for women on the board. Currently only 3 women, including Fay, are represented on the 25 member Sheboygan County Board. Presently only one women plans to run next year. Women may be extinct on the board! There may be no women representing our County over the next few years. Here is a list of current County Board Supervisors: