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Inside Out - A Poetry Reading By Thom Singleton

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Local poet, Thom Singleton, will read from his work "Inside Out".

From Thom, about him and his work:

In my time - almost 72 years - I’ve been a truck driver, a whole grain baker, a chimney sweep, a college graduate, a social worker, a child care worker, a juvenile counselor, a tree planter,  a writer, a regional director, a wilderness traveler, a poet, and who-knows-what next. I have lived in the city that beer built, Milwaukee, roughly half my life, and the other half, Plymouth, the city that cheese built. My wife, Patti, and I are hopelessly in love, and show it by mostly getting along pretty good. We have two fine sons, a ship’s carpenter and an English teacher, two amazing daughters-in-law, a minister and a psychology teacher, and a bunch of Super Hero grandkids. Life is good. 

As anyone might who takes time to reflect on one’s higher purpose in life, I wish to help make, and to leave behind, a world better for me having lived here. For me to do so means to act to preserve our precious planet, to keep the natural world intact and vibrant, to confront the existential threat to humanity posed by man-made climate change, and not to forget a touch of humor in the face of this crisis. My hope is that my writing will further these goals. Any profit realized from the sale of “Inside Out “ will be donated to environmental causes.