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Independence Corrupted / How America's Judges Make Their Decisions

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Program Type: Lecture
Age: Adult

With twenty-two years in America’s courts, Judge Schudson knows the factors affecting judicial decision-making.  With scholarship and impassioned accounts of compelling cases, he brings readers behind the trial bench to see judges analyzing actual trials and sentencings – of abortion protesters, sex predators, murderers, white supremacists….  He opens the doors to appellate chambers to hear judges debating life and death, multimillion-dollar damages, and priceless civil rights. 


Judge Schudson exposes the personal, professional, and political pressures now threatening judicial integrity like never before.  With attacks on judges intensifying, Independence Corrupted is essential for students and scholars, lawyers and judges, and all citizens concerned about the survival of judicial independence.    




2018 National Book Award

2019 Chautauqua Prize

2019 ABA Silver Gavel Award