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Great Decisions - The Rise of Populism In Europe

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The Great Decisions Series is a part of the Great Decisions World Education Program.  Experts offer presentations on global issues and U.S. foreign policy.  

Mass migration, and the problems associated with it, have directly abetted the rise of populist parties in Europe.  In addition to calling for stronger borders, however, these parties are invariably illiberal, anti-American, anti-NATO and pro-Kremlin, making their rise a matter of serious concdern for the national security interests of the United States.

Elizabeth Wheat, PhD, is an Associate Professor in Public and Environmental Affairs and Political Science at UW-Green Bay. She is originally from Marshall, Michigan and completed her Master's degree at Indiana University and doctorate in Political Science at Western Michigan University. Elizabeth teaches courses in global politics, environmental law and policy, natural resources, the presidency, international law and policy, and environmental justice. In most of her courses, students participate in mock trials, Model United Nations simulations, or environmental policy debates. She is also a proud dog mama to four pups and two cats, including a Siamese named Claw’d Monet.