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Environmental Stewardship in Sheboygan with Kendra Kelling of LNRP

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Program Type: Lecture
Age: Adult, Teen

Chase away the winter blues and welcome the greens of spring during Mead Library's annual WinterGreen festival.

Environmental Stewardship in Sheboygan
Learn about the work that the Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership and Sheboygan River Basin Partnership, along with many local partners, are doing to cultivate community and stewardship in the Sheboygan area and Lake Michigan Region.  Together, we are having a positive impact on our land and water resources by restoring native habitat, cleaning up litter, planting trees and more.  Listen in to find out how you can explore the Sheboygan River Water Trail in a canoe or kayak; see restoration in progress at key sites like the North Point Bluff, Amsterdam Dunes, Willow Creek, and Pigeon River; or get your hands dirty and make a difference by volunteering at one of our events!

Kendra Kelling, Director of Programming, Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership
Kendra served as a board member for Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership representing one of LNRP’s watershed partners prior to joining the staff team in 2017. Her love for the environment began at an early age; having spent much time playing outside and exploring in nature. Kendra’s family instilled in her an environmental ethic that would shape her life as well as her career path.

Born and raised in Sheboygan Falls, Kendra moved to Milwaukee to study Conservation and Environmental Science at UW-Milwaukee. She explored the field of environmental conservation through internships in Water Quality Advocacy; Urban Forestry, and Wildlife Rehabilitation. Kendra continued her education at UW-Milwaukee, pursuing a MA in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. She returned to Sheboygan Falls to work at Camp Y-Koda Outdoor Skills and Education, first as an Environmental Educator and then as a Program Director, managing the Summer Camp program and leading public programs to engage youth and families in the outdoors year-round. Kendra became involved with the Sheboygan River Basin Partnership and served on the board as Vice President and later as President, which led to her involvement with LNRP. She enjoys hiking, canoeing, kayaking, snowshoeing, skiing, and camping with her family and friends, and she and her husband especially enjoy adventuring in new natural spaces.