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Curiosity Labs: Flavors and Fragrances with MilliporeSigma

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Program Type: Workshop
Allowed Ages: 8 and older.
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Curiosity Labs is a series sponsored by MilliporeSigma Corporation that connects their scientists with Mead Public Library patrons. Attendees will be treated to themed science presentations and will participate in hands-on group experiments.

MilliporeSigma is a global life science and high technology company that has a local branch in Sheboygan Falls. With the belief that corporations have a responsibility to be good citizens in their communities, we have strong commitments in the areas of scientific research and economic development through science and STEM education. While we support many STEM programs and organizations around the world, we have also created our own program called Curiosity Labs.

Flavors & Fragrances
In this lesson, students learn that humans can recognize more than 10 thousand scents. Students practice recognizing scents by smelling different chemicals on scent sticks. They then learn how their body recognizes and interprets scents. The focus is on how the structure of the chemical is what causes the unique flavor or fragrance of the chemical based on how it interacts with human sensory receptors. They then use their initial research on the different scents to design a unique fragrance for a particular purpose. Students present their fragrance to the class, including the name of their fragrance, how they created it, what product it would be used in, who their audience is and how much the product would cost.

Preregistration is required. Open to ages 8 - adult; children under 12 must be registered with an adult.