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3D Printer Badging: Level 1 in the Imaginarium--Preregistered

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All new registrations will be placed on the waitlist.

Registration for this event has closed.

Certain equipment requires users to first pass a “badging” test that is designed to ensure proficiency in skills and safe use.  Once a person is badged, they may use the equipment without supervision if they are age 14 or older.  All persons taking badging testing will be required to sign liability waivers.  Teens age 14-17 will need a parent's signature prior to their scheduled badging session, signed in front of a staff member.  Equipment that requires badging is: Ultimaker 2 3D Printer, Silhouette Cameo Precision Cutter, Sewing Machines and Iron, T-shirt Press, and Button Maker.  

*Please arrive on time for your badging session or you will have to reschedule.

3D Printer Badging appointments will be the test only and must be preregistered on a one-on-one basis.  To learn the equipment please attend Tinker Time and ask for assistance.  There will be other badging times available on future Tinker Time dates if today's date is unavailable.

3D Printer Badging Level 1 Signup Here: