Library Policies


Confidentiality Policy

State statute 43.30 provides that information contained in library records concerning an individual's use of materials or services shall not be disclosed to anyone other than that individual, to persons authorized by that individual, or to those library personnel who have a need for that information in performance of library duties, except by order of a court of law. All other information about our customers is also held in strict confidentiality.

In order to comply with Wisconsin Statutes, the Library Board has a policy on the confidentiality of library records.

Under this policy, the information you provide to Mead Library when you apply for a card, and even the fact that you are a cardholder, is confidential.

The record of what you check out and return is also protected. Mead Library does not release information about a customer's account except under a condition allowed by state law:

• under court order, 
• as required for the administration of the library, 
• as authorized by you.

Mead does release information to a parent of guardian about their minor child's account, but only with the authorization of the minor child. Possession by a parent or guardian of a child's library card or a printed notice issued to the child by the library is accepted as authorization of that child to release information. Mead Library does this because parents are responsible for library use by their minor children.