Kindles at Mead Library

Borrowing a Kindle

Mead Library is offering adult library card-holders a chance to get to know the Kindle, a wireless reading device from Amazon.

Five Kindles have been purchased with funds from the William R. Werk Estate, designated for materials that assist the visually impaired. Kindles give users the ability to display type in various sizes and 16 shades of gray and many books offer a text-to-speech feature that “reads” a book out loud.

Any adult with a Library card in good standing (not blocked due to unpaid fees or lost materials) can borrow a Kindle.

Kindles can be reserved through EasiCat (do a keyword search for "kindle reader Mead") or you may stop at the Customer Service desk to see if one is available.

You will be contacted by telephone or e-mail when a Kindle is available for you. You then have 7 days to pick up the Kindle.

Kindles must be returned to a staff person at the Customer Service Desk at least 30 minutes before the library closes. Late fees are 20 cents per day. There is a 5-day grace period for Kindles. The customer is responsible for full replacement cost if the Kindle, or any parts, are lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise not returned. If the customer encounters a technical problem, return the Kindle to the Customer Service Desk immediately.

Each Kindle has the same titles, a variety which includes many different types of books. A list of titles can be found in EasiCat (do a keyword search for "kindle reader Mead"). Titles will continue to be added in the future.